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BoostedNW SST Chip Adapter + 2timer
Last Updated 8 months ago

    NOTE: Because you are burning the chip through the 2-timer, you cannot burn "stacked" or combined bins. Meaning two 32kb bins(your separate tunes) combined into one 64K bin. Each bin has to be flashed into the appropriate location as described below.

    If you want to switch on the fly, the checksum needs to be disabled in the ROM in both programs, they need to be similar and have the same features, etc added. The only differences should be in the maps or things like 2 step, rev limits and then it can be switched on the fly. If the two programs are drastically different, the car needs to be off when you flip the switch.

  1. First, insert the board into your burner and erase it followed by a blank check.
    1. Select the 27SF512 Chip
    2. Press Blank Check
    3. Verify it says chip is blank, if not, erase chip and check again.

  2. Load the first program from file to the buffer of the Flash & Burn program.
  3. For the first program (place jumper on pins 2 & 3 for Tune #1)
    program the chip using chip addressing of 008000-00FFFF (Lower chip addressing location) & use buffer addressing of 000000-007FFF.
    1. Select 27SF512 Chip.
    2. Enter the correct addressing as shown.
    3. Program Chip.

  4. After the programming cycle, perform a verify step. close Flash &Burn(to clear the buffer)
    1. Click Verify Chip w/Buffer.
    2. Make sure it says "SUCCESS: Verification Succeeded:"
    3. Close Flash & Burn(to clear the buffer).

  5. Open Flash & Burn and load the second program from file to the buffer.

  6. For the second program (place jumper on pins 1 & 2 for Tune #2)

    use chip addressing 000000-007FFF(Upper chip addressing location) and the same buffer addressing as before. the 27SF512 Chip
    1. Select the 27SF512 Chip.
    2. Enter the correct addressing as shown.
    3. Program Chip.
  7. Again, verify after this step.

    That's it! You can use the jumper selection #1 (pin 2 & 3) or switch the #2(middle) pin to ground to select the 'lower/normal' chip addressing location.

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