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Emulation Cables
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Emulation cables link our emulators to a target device. The Ostrich, Ostrich2 and APU1 all use a similar style emulation cable. The design of this cable has not changed in many years. Four standard “shelf” cables are available:

  • EMUC2818 is the standard cable supplied with the Ostrich, Ostrich2 and APU1 emulators. It has a 28 pin chip side (“28″) and is 18” long (“18”) hence EMUC2818
  • EMUC2806 is a shorter cable (6″) with a 28 pin chip socket. It is useful for situations where there is interference with the standard length cable.
  • EMUC3206 is a short (6″) cable with a 32 pin chip socket. When used with an Ostrich2 it allows emulation of a 29F040 4Mbit EPROM. Adapters can be used to change this to PLCC or other formats. This cable is NOT compatible with the Ostrich 1, APU1 or ChipExtender – Ostrich2 ONLY!
  • EMUC2836 is an extra-long (36″) cable with a 28 pin chip socket. It is NOT for use with emulators. This cable is only intended to be used with the ChipExtender product we sell. Unpredictable results can happen when used with emulators.

The RoadRunner uses an alternative emulation cable which is incompatible with other devices.

Ostrich and APU1 Emulation cables

The Ostrich, Ostrich 2 and APU1 all use the same emulation cables. These cables have a 0.1″ pitch rectangular connector on one end. On the other end, a male chip connector is crimped. Before shipping the cable, we install a machined-pin socket on the cable to protect the more fragile chip connector.

This is how one of the cables looks when we ship it:


As you can see, you can remove the 28 pin machined-pin socket on this cable if necessary:


Replacing a MP socket is much easier and cheaper than replacing a whole emulation cable!

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