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How to burn 2 tunes to a chip for use with 2-timer
Last Updated 4 years ago

Make two BIN files with your Program of choice. (Honda Tuning Suite (HTS) Crome, TurboEdit, Uberdata)

Make sure you have a burner that can burn SST 512 chips (BURN1 and Willem both do).

Burn the 1st file, the one you are going to run on most times to the address on the chip from 08000 - 0ffff.

Burn the 2nd file to the addresses 00000 - 07fff

Take the chip and plug it into the 2TIMer in the correct direction. Plug the 2Timer into the ECU.

Take the wire from the 2Timer and connect it to one side of a switch. Mount the switch and connect the other side of the switch to a wire that goes to ground.

Switch OFF, program 1 is used, switch ON, program 2 is used.

If you want to switch on the fly, the checksum needs to be disabled in the ROM in both programs, they need to be similar and have the same features, etc added. The only differences should be in the maps or things like 2 step, rev limits and then it can be switched on the fly. If the two programs are drastically different, the car needs to be off when you flip the switch.

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