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ALDL TunerPro RT how to
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(Connecting to the tpi maf 1227165 ecm)

Most cables use a Fidi chip.

Step 1) connect your new cable

Step 2) download the driver for your operating system at

Step 3) down load TunerPro rt and the approperate adx file.

Step 4) configure the com port setting in TunerPro Rt.

To do this you must choose tools from the tool bar. Then select preferences.

In the preferences under data acquisition & logging select interface type set to use plug-in then click apply.

Click configure plug-in component .

Step 5) Under the data acquisition & logging click on configure plug-in component.

Port type will be standard serial. Select a com port and then click test or try to connect to your vehicle.

Step 6) with the appropriate (year car specific ) load the adx file under the tool bar under acquisition, load definition file. Choose your adx (86) $32 (87-88) $32B

(89) $6E.

Step 7) start your engine with your also cable connected .

Step 8) switch or jumper your aldl cable to the 10k mode. This forces the ecm to start its data stream.

Never drive in the 10k mode (engine knock may occur).

Step 9) clutch the double arrows on the TunerPro tool bar. The status at the bottom of the screen will display your connection status.

Step 10) flip the switch on your aldl cable or remove the jumper.

Step 11) hit the record button on the tool bar and go for a spin


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